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Forex Cargo Rates

Posted by on Sunday, 7 March, 2010

Forex Cargo Rates as of June 19, 2010

Manila         : $65.00

Luzon 1       :  70.00

Luzon 2      :   73.00

Visayas       :   80.00

Mindanao  :   83.00

To schedule a pickup of your Forex Cargo Balikbayan Box, call (323)449-5468

Forex Cargo Balikbayan Box Promo Ends Monday

Posted by on Thursday, 25 February, 2010

Forex Cargo Promo Ends on Monday March 1, 2010

To all our balikbayan box clients, Forex Cargo’s promo which started January of this year will end on Monday March 1. There are still few days left to avail of this promo. Make sure to get in touch with your Forex Cargo agents to avail of the special price.

Promo Prices:

Metro Manila    : $60.00

L1/L2               :    65.00

Vis/Min           :   70.00

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Forex Cargo Shipping Q & A

Posted by on Saturday, 16 January, 2010

How many times do you ship out balikbayan boxes in a month?

Right now, we shipped our balikbayan boxes once every week. Every Wednesday.

Will my balikbayan boxes be included on the Wednesday shipment schedule if I have my boxes picked up on Monday or Tuesday?

Balikbayan boxes that are picked up on Monday and Tuesday will not be included for the Wednesday shipment. Boxes picked up on Monday to Friday will be shipped the following Wednesday. Balikbayan boxes picked up on Saturday and Sunday are not guaranteed to be included on the Wednesday shipment. So it is advisable to have your boxes picked up as early as Friday morning if you want your boxes to be included the following week.

Can I use a different balikbayan box (not Forex) if I want to shipped my box via Forex?

Yes, we accept any competitors balikbayan box.

Do you accept credit card payments?

As of the moment, we only accept cash or check payments.

Can I send through Forex if my box is irregular in size?

Yes we do accept irregular size boxes, however additional charges may apply depending on the size of the box.

Is there a weight limit in sending Forex balikbayan boxes?

No, there is no weight limit.

Can I send a flat screen tv or other electronic items?

Yes. Depending on the item, some additional charges may apply.

To schedule a Forex balikbayan box pickup(Southern California) Call (323)449-5468

*Applicable only to Forex Cargo Los Angeles Branch. For additional questions, pls call the Forex branches nearest your location.

Balikbayan Boxes: Gift Of Love

Posted by on Friday, 15 January, 2010

I remember just years ago our family was one of the beneficiary of the many balikbayan boxes sent to us by our in-laws. I can’t forget the excitement and giggles of my kids everytime a balikbayan box is delivered to our doorstep. The chocolates, toys, folgers coffee, peanut butter, lotions, corned beefs and of course spam. Just like the lyrics in the balikbayan box video, nag-amoy imported bahay namin.

Since we moved to the US last year, it is our turn to send Forex balikbayan boxes back home. I can just imagine the smiles in the faces of our nephews and nieces everytime they open their Forex balikbayan box. With the current economic situation in the US coupled with the weakening of the dollar, I understand that our kababayans cannot send balikbayan boxes as often as they want to.

But even in diffucult times, Filipinos will still be sending balikbayan box to their families in the Philippines no matter what. The practice is already part of every Filipino. But believe me when I say everytime they send a balikbayan box to their loved ones, it is not just not the gifts and pasalubongs but the love that goes with every Forex balikbayan box that is sent home.

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Balikbayan Box:What You Need To Know

Posted by on Thursday, 14 January, 2010

Forex Cargo – The Balikbayan Box

A lot of my American friends are asking me what a Balikbayan box is. I simply tell them that it is a cardboard box containing novelty gift or pasalubong items sent by a Filipino living in the United States to his family and friends back home in the Philippines. Most of these boxes contain canned goods, chocolates, electronics, toiletries, household and other non-perishable stuff.

Forex Cargo is in the forefront of this service having been in the industry since 1986. The standard Forex Cargo box is 20x20x20 in size but a bigger version known as a jumbo box is also available for purchase. Part of the attraction of sending a Forex cargo balikbayan box back home is “economy”. Imagine paying a flat rate of $60 (for Metro Manila Only), a kababayan living abroad can share their blessings to their families left behind in the Philippines. Another great thing about sending Forex cargo box is that you can fill it up to the brim with anything as long as it doesn’t violate custom regulations and still pay the same flat fee plus there is no weight limit as long as it fits the box.

Sending a Forex Cargo Balikbayan Box is easy, simply call (323)449-5468 (Southern California) to schedule a Pick-up.