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How many times do you ship out balikbayan boxes in a month?

Right now, we shipped our balikbayan boxes once every week. Every Wednesday.

Will my balikbayan boxes be included on the Wednesday shipment schedule if I have my boxes picked up on Monday or Tuesday?

Balikbayan boxes that are picked up on Monday and Tuesday will not be included for the Wednesday shipment. Boxes picked up on Monday to Friday will be shipped the following Wednesday. Balikbayan boxes picked up on Saturday and Sunday are not guaranteed to be included on the Wednesday shipment. So it is advisable to have your boxes picked up as early as Friday morning if you want your boxes to be included the following week.

Can I use a different balikbayan box (not Forex) if I want to shipped my box via Forex?

Yes, we accept any competitors balikbayan box.

Do you accept credit card payments?

As of the moment, we only accept cash or check payments.

Can I send through Forex if my box is irregular in size?

Yes we do accept irregular size boxes, however additional charges may apply depending on the size of the box.

Is there a weight limit in sending Forex balikbayan boxes?

No, there is no weight limit.

Can I send a flat screen tv or other electronic items?

Yes. Depending on the item, some additional charges may apply.

To schedule a Forex balikbayan box pickup(Southern California) Call (323)449-5468

*Applicable only to Forex Cargo Los Angeles Branch. For additional questions, pls call the Forex branches nearest your location.

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